Hot Hands

Jeffrey Howard guitar -- "Machine Gun" Kristin Howard drums.

If you ask us we'd simply say we're two best friends and music nerds that make music together. But that sounds not so exciting. Here's some neat things people have said about us to get a better idea of what we're about:

LIVE REVIEW: "Garage rock duo Hot Hands infused the evening with a lighter energy, playing a fast-and-loose style that could be succinctly described as The Hives with occasional noise-rock ornamentation. Guitarist Jeff Howard made his guitar sound like everything from bubbling water to a helicopter, but all of this sonic chicanery was kept at the margins of the band’s largely straightforward, aggressively fun tunes. Both Howard and drummer Kristen Messina provided exuberant vocals, and when they finished their whiskey shot of a set—most of their songs clocked in around two minutes......" -- Flagpole Magazine. Athens GA 6/9/2010.

BAND FEATURE/ARTIST OF THE DAY: "A boy and a girl. It's the dynamic behind such groups as the White Stripes, Matt and Kim and the Ting Tings.

And it seems to be working for Orlando's Hot Hands, made up of boyfriend and girlfriend Jeffrey Howard and Kristin "Machine Gun" Messina. Howard (guitars and vocals) and Messina (drums) formed in 2006 and have since developed into a popular noise-punk band that eschews the pop of Matt and Kim and the Ting Tings and the blues of the White Stripes in favor of something more loose and garage-rocky, a la Wolfmother, Fu Manchu or Tame Impala.

The band released their newest album, Everything We Have is Broken, in October. But they've got more going for them than just their music. Howard and Messina also host The Florida Show, a podcast dedicated to music in the Sunshine State. It's an offshoot of Howard's The Kick Brite Zine, an online 'zine devoted to culture and music in Florida." -- Tampa Bay Times.

LIVE REVIEW: "I expected to check in on the endearingly wobbly couples dance that is local garage-pop band Hot Hands, a younger, hipper, garage-rock version of Mark & Lorna. But it was nice to be surprised with a kick that was noisier, louder and altogether better. They’d never be mistaken for a slick commercial band but why would you ever want to gentrify the flavor out of their rock & roll? The biggest difference this time was Jeffrey Howard’s guitar sound, which is no longer the scrappily dinky riffing of before but something way tougher. Their playfully kitschy image is becoming increasingly deceptive because the Hot Hands sound is turning into a beast." -- The Orlando Weekly. Orlando, FL 8/19/2010.

BAND FEATURE: Drink Magazine.

drink orlando

LIVE REVIEW: "The girlfriend-boyfriend duo bashed out a set that was exactly like my first kiss: amateurishly sloppy but totally awesome. Besides enjoyable music, the ridiculous exchanges between the two made the performance virtually a comedy act." -- Orlando Weekly. 1/10/08.

most improved

We made The Orlando Weekly's "Most improved Orlando band" end-of-year-list for 2010. We must be doing something right!